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PSN J21120886-4703134

PSN J21120886-4703134   2012 08 26.07  *  21 12 08.86 -47 03 13.4  17.1 R   26E  15N  ESO286-75 3 2

2012 08 26.07

A. Klotz (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie, France) on behalf of the TAROT Collaboration reports the discovery of an apparent supernova (R mag about 17.1 +/- 0.3) on 2012 Aug. 26.07 using public images of the 0.25m robotic telescope TAROT La Silla observatory, Chile. The object is located at about R.A. = 21h12m08.86s, Decl. = -47o03'13.4" (equinox J2000.0) which is in a arm (26" E and 15" N from the nucleus) of the spiral galaxy ESO 286- G 075. The object does not appear in an image taken 2012 Jul. 27.14 (limiting magnitude 18.6 R). F. Colas (Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides Paris, France) A. Peyrot and J.P. Teng (Association de Gestion de l'Observatoire Reunionnais d'Astronomie, Les Makes, Reunion island, France) using the 60 cm telescope at Les Makes, Reunion island, France (IAU station 181) confirm the presence of the new object in images taken 2012 Aug. 26.82 at mag 16.7 R. More informations in URL http://cador.obs-hp.fr/sn_tarot/PSN_J21120886-4703134

2012 08 28

This object is the same as PSN J21120891-4703140 discovered earlier. Thanks to the help of David Bishop.

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