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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J21505094-7020289

PSN J21505094-7020289   2015 11 27.8708*  21 50 50.94 -70 20 28.9  14.5 U   22E  26S  N7123     9 0

2015 11 27.87081

Vladimir Lipunov, David Buckley and Pavel Balanutsa reports the MASTER-SAAO(twin 0.40-m f/2.5reflector + 4Kx4K CCD) auto-detection system dicovered possible supernova source at (RA, Dec) = 21h 50m 50.94s -70d 20m 28.9s on 2015-11-27.87081 UT with unfiltered magnitude(W=0.2B+0.8R calibrated to USNO-B1) m_OT=14.5m (the limit is 18.4m). This PSN (MASTER OT J215050.94-702028.9) is in 22.1E and 25.9S from the center of NGC7123 and is seen in 4 images. There is no minor planet at this place. E.Gorbovskoy and N.Tiurina report that nothing was visible at this position on the MASTER-SAAO images obtained on 2015-07-13.18993 UT with 19.5 unfiltered magnitude limit. The discovery and reference images are available at http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/215050.94-702028.9.png

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