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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J23164332+3359476

PSN J23164332+3359476   2015 07 28.0008*  23 16 43.32 +33 59 47.6  17.0 U    1W   3N  P70909    0 1

2015 07 28.001

I'm Constantine Emmanouilidi reporting a possible SN in galaxy PGC70909. The exact location of the candidate is J2000 RA: 23 16 43.32 Dec: +33 59 47.6 Magnitude estimation is around 17mag. I confirmed from MPChecker that there were no asteroids or comets at the time. I also confirm that the object is not moving in the three consecutive images with exposure time of 15sec. I'm sending you the fits file showing the possible SN marked. Today the weather is clear in Thessaloniki Greece and I'll have a chance to make a second confirmation image. The observation was made by Stavros Koukioglou who is a member of the Greek Supernovae Survey Team (GSST) that is coordinated by me and the data comes from my autonomous robotic observatory called KASTRO. It houses two catadioptric telescopes with 305mm and 350mm diameter. The observation was made with the 305mm telescope and a CCD camera without filters. The exposure time of the image is 15sec and its a stack of three images. I've searched through the Bright Supernovae page and didn't find any previous discovery. I searched with PGC, UGC and MCG names. I also looked the coordinates and even then nothing came up. I'll keep you posted today with newer images when they will be possible. Kind regards Constantine Emmanouilidi

2015 07 29.0701

I took confirmation image of this PSN with 0.32-m f/8.0 CDK astrograph + SBIG STXL-6303E CCD (T18, iTelscope.NET) at Nerpio, Spain, remotely. Photometry result was 16.16U. Position end figures were 43.42 and 51.88 in R.A. and Dec. I checked SDSS DR12 image of PGC 70909 to identify of this PSN although my measurement of position has large difference in Dec. position reported. http://meineko.sakura.ne.jp/ccd/PSN_J23164332+3359476.jpg Seiichiro Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan)

2015 07 29.815

This probable supernova in UGC 12474 was detected with 4 x 10 min images using a clear filter Photometry: Mag 18.09 +/- 0.19 C (V for ref; USNOA2) Astrometry: RA 23 16 43.32 Dec +33 59 47.6 These data were collected remotely by Joseph Brimacombe, Coral Towers Observatory, Cairns, Australia. Link to image and further information: https://www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/19950647320/

2015 08 19.82442

This transient was observed on 2015 08 19.82442 by G. Masi and P. Catalano, remotely using the 17"-f/6.8 robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility, at Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, Italy. 120-seconds exposures, unfiltered, show the source at mag. 16.7 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4). We also performed astrometry, getting the following end figures: 43.39; 51.4 (J2000.0, mean residuals of 0.2" on both axes).

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