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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J23532561-1539176

PSN J23532561-1539176   2015 08 11.9730*  23 53 25.61 -15 39 17.6  18.0 U    9W   3N  P908217   9 0

2015 08 12.9730

Vladimir Lipunov and Elena Popova report that MASTER-Kislovodsk auto-detection system (twin 0.40-m f/2.5 reflector , 4Kx4K CCD + MASTER software)discovered the OT at (RA, Dec) = 23h 53m 25.61s -15d 39m 17.6s on 2015-08-11.97302 UT . This PSN is in 8.6"W and 3.4"N from the center of PGC908217 galaxy (ATel #7905). Evgeny Gorbovskoy and Oleg Gress report that unfiltered magnitude(0.2B+0.8R USNO_B1) of PSN is 18.0. We have reference image without PSN on 2014-11-22.71465 UT with 20.1 unfiltered magnitude limit. The discovery and reference images are available at http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/MASTEROTJ235325.61-153917.6.jpg

2015 08 12.88773

Vladimir Lipunov and David Buckley report the confirm images of PSN J23532561-1539176 on MASTER-SAAO telescope (twin 0.40m f/2.5 reflector,4Kx4K CCD + MASTER_software) on 2015-08-12.88773UT. Unfiltered m_PSN=17.6, the limit is 20.1m.

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