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IAUC 3741: SNe; N Sgr 1982; 1982f; RS Oph

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                                                  Circular No. 3741
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
TWX 710-320-6842 ASTROGRAM CAM     Telephone 617-864-5758

     J. Maza, Department of Astronomy, University of Chile, telexes
that L. E. Gonzalez has discovered two further supernovae on
exposures obtained at Cerro El Roble:

             1982 UT     R.A. (1950.0) Decl.     mpg

             Oct. 19      0 41.1     -55 36      18.5
             Oct. 19      6 38.8     -37 00      17

The offsets from the nuclei of the parent galaxies are 9" west, 6"
north, and 1" east, 7" north, respectively.  The first galaxy is
ESO 150-G20 (Sc type). The Sept. 17 supernova reported on IAUC
3728 was still visible, at mpg 20.5, on Oct. 10.

     J. C. Blades, European Space Agency; and H. Dreschel, Remeis
Observatory, Bamberg, report further ultraviolet observations
using IUE at the ESA-Vilspa Station.  Fine-error-sensor (520 nm)
magnitudes were: Oct. 19.7 UT, 9.6; 31.7, 9.8.  As anticipated,
the output of the nova in the far ultraviolet has increased, with
emission features now being detected near 134 nm.  Overall, the
spectrum shows a strong resemblance to that of V1668 Cyg (Nova Cyg
1978) when that object was in its early post-maximum stage.
     M. P. Candy, President of IAU Commission 6, communicates the
following precise position, measured by V. Flynn from a plate
taken by P. Jekabsons at the Perth Observatory (equinox 1950.0):
R.A. = 18h31m32s75, Decl. = -26deg28'28".0.

     Further total visual magnitude estimates: Oct. 11.22 UT, 11.8
(J. Bortle, Stormville, NY, 0.32-m reflector); 18.38, 11.8
(Bortle); 20.17, 11.3 (D. W. E. Green, Harvard, MA, 0.20-m reflector);
23.39, 11.8 (Bortle); 27.39, 11.7 (Bortle).

     Visual magnitude estimates by P. Van Cauteren, Aartselaar,
Belgium: Aug. 11.89 UT, 10.7; 15.88, 10.7.

1982 November 2                (3741)              Brian G. Marsden

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