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IAUC 4601: T Leo; N LMC; SNe

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                                                  Circular No. 4601
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
TWX 710-320-6842 ASTROGRAM CAM    Telephone 617-495-7244/7440/7444

     G. M. Hurst, Basingstoke, England, informs us that J. Isles,
Limossol, Cyprus, has reported an outburst of this SU UMa-type object
(cf. IAUC 4314, 4382).  Visual magnitude estimates: May 21.79 UT, 9.8
(Isles); 21.89, 9.8 (P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, West Germany); 21.93,
9.9 (S. Lubbock, Bridgend, Wales); 22.90, 10.0 (Schmeer).  High-speed
photometry is urgently required in order to reveal possible superhumps.

     M. W. Feast, South African Astronomical Observatory, telexes that
P. A. Whitelock reports that the recent LMC nova has developed a dust
shell.  Infrared photometry yields: May 7, J = 12.84, H = 13.17, K =
12.37; May 17, J = 13.34, H = 12.37, K = 10.75, L = 8.77.
     Visual magnitude estimates by R. H. McNaught, Coonabarabran, N.S.W.:
May 4.38 UT, 13.8; 5.40, 14.1; 8.44, 14.3; 9.42, 14.3; 10.42, 14.4.

     Two supernovae have recently been discovered in the course of
Palomar Sky Survey II.  SN 1988N, a mag 18 object found on May 9 by A.
Maury, J. Phinney and N. Reid, is located at R.A. = 13h11m08s.55,
Decl. = +57D36'32".2 (equinox 1950.0), 10" east and 6" south of the
nucleus of an anonymous spiral galaxy.  SN 1988O is a mag 15 object
found on May 17 by J. Mueller 7" north and 2" east of the nucleus of
Zw 49-18 (R.A. = 15h07m.7, Decl. = +7D49', equinox 1950.0).  A
spectrogram obtained by J. Mould and A. Picard at Palomar on May 19.40
UT shows SN 1988O to be a type I object with a strong absorption
trough at rest wavelength 610 nm; the host galaxy appears to be an
early type spiral, with a measured velocity of 13 500 km/s.
     Visual magnitude estimate of SN 1988A by J. Bryan, Georgetown, TX:
Mar. 20.27 UT, 15.1.
     Visual magnitude estimates of SN 1987A by A. C. Beresford, Adelaide,
South Australia: May 16.39 UT, 7.6; 17.39, 7.7.
     Corrigendum.  On IAUC 4597, the title of the second item was given
incorrectly.  SN 1988L is located in NGC 5480, not NGC 5850.

1988 May 23                    (4601)              Brian G. Marsden

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