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IAUC 5300: 1991aj; 1991ai; 1991T; 1991K

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SUPERNOVA 1991aj IN MCG +07-34-84
     C. Pollas, Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, reports his discovery
of a mag 18.0 supernova located at R.A. = 16h28m06s.24, Decl.
= +41D53'10".6 (equinox 1950.0) in MCG +07-34-84.  The discovery was
made on Kodak technical pan films obtained with the 0.9-m Schmidt on
July 3.98 and 6.93 UT.  The position of the nucleus of the mag 16
spiral galaxy has end figures 06s.00, 08".7, and there is a mag 17.5
star at 06s.12, 18".1.
     B. Leibundgut, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,
reports that an uncalibrated spectrum obtained by J. Huchra and C.
Heller on July 8.2 UT with the Multiple-Mirror Telescope confirms the
object as a type Ia supernova about one week past B maximum.  The
galaxy has a redshift of about 9600 km/s.

SUPERNOVA 1991ai IN IC 4434
     B. Leibundgut also reports that Huchra and Heller find this object
to show all the characteristic lines of a type Ia supernova about ten
days past B maximum.  Strong absorptions of Si II, Ca II and Fe II are
present.  All lines are shifted considerably to the red, indicating a
high redshift for the parent galaxy.

     T. E. Harrison, Mount Stromlo Observatory, reports the following
infrared photometry, obtained by G. Stringfellow and himself using IRPS
and CIGs on the 2.3-m telescope at Siding Spring on June 22.36 UT:
J = 14.97 +/- 0.30, H = 13.72 +/- 0.14, K = 13.72 +/- 0.25.
     Visual magnitude estimates: June 4.90 UT, 13.5 (S. Korth,
Dusseldorf, Germany; correction to IAUC 5287); 13.18, 13.6 (R. J.
Modic, Richmond Heights, OH); 17.27, 13.7 (W. Wren, near Fort Davis,
TX); July 6.21, 14.1 (Wren).

     M. M. Phillips, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, reports:
"I have reexamined the spectra of SN 1991K that I obtained with the CTIO
4.0-m telescope on Mar. 9 and 12 UT (cf. IAUC 5205).  Based on a
comparison of these data with spectra of the type Ib SN 1983N and the
type Ia SN 1981B, I now conclude that SN 1991K was a type Ia event
(rather than type II or Ib) approximately three months past maximum."

1991 July 8                    (5300)              Brian G. Marsden

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