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IAUC 7007: 1998du, 1998dv, 1998dw; XTE J0053-724; V592 Her

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                                                 Circular No. 7007
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Mailstop 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
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SUPERNOVAE 1998du, 1998dv, 1998dw
     D. Reiss, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington,
reports that the Mount Stromlo Abell Cluster Supernova Search Team
(cf. IAUC 6639) has detected three new apparent supernovae on V and
R CCD images taken by A. Graham at the Mount Stromlo 1.27-m
telescope (+ Macho Camera), with confirming images by S. Sabine at
the same instrument on Aug. 28 (SNe 1998du and 1998dv) and Aug. 31
(SN 1998dw).

SN       Date UT      R.A. (2000.0) Decl.      V        Offset
1998du   Aug. 14    0 45 11.73  -63 48 21.6   20.5   1".9 E, 0".8 N
1998dv   Aug. 22    4 29 46.79  -61 30 25.4   20.2   2".1 W, 0".3 N
1998dw   Aug. 28    1 09 11.56  -15 29 46.7   18.8   2".7 E, 1".1 N

SN 1998du is near Abell 2819 and was not present in images obtained
with the same instrument on July 2, July 14, or Aug. 1 (limiting
magnitudes V about 21.0, 20.0, and 20.0, respectively).  SN 1998dv
is near Abell 3266 and was not visible in images obtained on Apr.
13, July 14, or Aug. 1 (limiting mag V about 20.5, 20.0, and 20.5,
respectively).  The SN 1998dw is near Abell 151 and was not seen in
images taken on 1997 Dec. 1 or 22 (limiting mag V about 20.0 and
19.0, respectively).

XTE J0053-724
     J. C. Lochner, Goddard Space Flight Center and Universities
Space Research Association, writes: "The transient x-ray system XTE
J0053-724 (= 1WGA J0053.8-7226; cf. IAUC 6788, 6789, 6803) was
detected in an observation by RXTE on Aug. 31.  The measured 2-10-
keV flux was estimated to be 3.0 x 10E-11 erg sE-1 cmE-2, with a
photon index of 0.82 and a cutoff energy of 12.5 keV.  Pulsations
of 46.6 +/- 0.1 s were observed, with a pulse fraction of about 25
percent.  This source was last detected in an observation on Apr. 8
while monitoring the second outburst of AX J0051-722 (IAUC 6858).
This, along with the previous detection from late Nov. through mid-
Dec. 1997, suggests a possible orbital period of this Be/neutron
star system of about 139 days.  Continued optical monitoring is

     G. Masi, Ceccano, Italy, reports the following position for
V592 Her (cf. IAUC 7002): R.A. = 16h30m56s.42, Decl. = +21o16'58".3
(equinox 2000.0; reference stars from USNO A1.0 catalogue).

                      (C) Copyright 1998 CBAT
1998 September 3               (7007)            Daniel W. E. Green

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