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IAUC 7210: 1999cr and 1999cs; 1999ct, 1999cu, 1999cv

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SUPERNOVAE 1999cr and 1999cs
     J. Maza, University of Chile; and M. Hamuy, University of
Arizona, report the discovery by R. Antezana of two supernovae on
20-min unfiltered T-Max films taken by L. Gonzalez with the
University of Chile's Maksutov telescope:

SN      1999 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.     Mag.     Offset
1999cr  Mar. 12.20  13 20 18.30  -20 08 50.5   18.0    7" E, 4" N
1999cs  Apr. 14.28  12 04 25.27  -20 06 02.0   17.5    7" S

R. C. Smith obtained a spectrogram of SN 1999cr in ESO 576-34 on
Mar. 17, using the 4-m Blanco telescope at Cerro Tololo, showing
this to be a fairly young type-II supernova at z about 0.01.  M. T.
Ruiz and Hamuy obtained BVRI CCD images of SN 1999cs on Apr. 17.146
with the Cerro Tololo 0.9-m telescope; a spectrum obtained by M.
Phillips on Apr. 23 with the Dupont 2.54-m telescope at Las
Campanas Observatory shows SN 1999cs to be a type-Ia supernova near
maximum light (z = 0.06).

SUPERNOVAE 1999ct, 1999cu, 1999cv
     A. Gal-Yam and D. Maoz, Tel Aviv University, report for the
Wise Observatory Optical Transients Search (cf. IAUC 6917, 7055)
their discovery of three apparent supernovae on unfiltered CCD
images taken with the Wise Observatory 1-m telescope:

SN      1999 UT     R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    R     Offset
1999ct  June 13   13 13 04.56  +46 15 52.7  20.8   2".8 W, 1".0 N
1999cu  June 13   13 13 15.42  +46 20 00.8  21.2      --
1999cv  June 13   14 34 43.88  +54 44 26.5  20.8      --

SNe 1999ct and 1999cu are located in the field of the galaxy
cluster Abell 1697 (z = 0.183), while SN 1999cv is located in the
field of the galaxy cluster Abell 1936 (z = 0.139).  SNe 1999cu and
1999cv are superimposed on compact host galaxies, so no offsets can
be determined from the images.  All three objects were discovered
in frames obtained by Gal-Yam and A. Anter on June 13 and confirmed
by Gal-Yam on June 15.  SNe 1999ct and 1999cu were invisible in
images obtained on Feb. 15, while SN 1999cv was invisible in images
obtained in May 14 with the same telescope (limiting magnitude R
about 22.0).

                      (C) Copyright 1999 CBAT
1999 June 29                   (7210)            Daniel W. E. Green

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