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IAUC 7433: C/2000 J5, C/2000 K3, C/2000 K4, C/2000 K5; 2000cf; DM Gem

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                                                  Circular No. 7433
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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COMETS C/2000 J5, C/2000 K3, C/2000 K4, C/2000 K5
     D. A. Biesecker, Emergent Information Technologies, Inc., and
Goddard Space Flight Center, reports observations of four
additional Kreutz sungrazing comets detected by SOHO with the LASCO
C2 telescope.  The comets were found via the SOHO website by M.
Oates (C/2000 J5, C/2000 K4, C/2000 K5) and by M. Boschat (C/2000
K3, C/2000 K5).  All but C/2000 K5 showed a tail, those of C/2000
K3 and C/2000 K4 being noted as short.  Full astrometry (including
reductions by B. G. Marsden) and orbital elements appear on the
MPECs indicated below.

   2000 UT        R.A. (2000) Decl.     MPEC      Comet
   May 11.810     3 16.5    +16 31   2000-K34    C/2000 J5
       19.893     3 49.9    +18 26   2000-K35    C/2000 K3
       22.576     4 00.4    +18 59   2000-K36    C/2000 K4
       25.979     4 13.3    +19 32   2000-K37    C/2000 K5

SUPERNOVA 2000cf IN MCG +11-19-25
     K. Krisciunas and A. Rest, University of Washington; and R.
McMillan, Apache Point Observatory (APO), report preliminary
photometry for SN 2000cf, obtained with the APO 3.5-m telescope:
On May 11.18 UT, V = 17.09, B-V = +0.08, V-R = +0.10, V-I = -0.11
(uncertainties +/- 0.03 mag).  On May 20.17, V = 17.44, B-V =
+0.48, V-R = +0.10, V-I = -0.05 (uncertainties +/- 0.04 mag).
Near-infrared photometry on May 11.27 yields H = 16.79 +/- 0.14
(affected by a rather serious gradient in the underlying galaxy

     Y. Lipkin, E. Leibowitz, and A. Retter, Wise Observatory,
report:  "We performed CCD photometry of DM Gem (N Gem 1903) with
the Wise Observatory 1-m telescope between 1999 Nov. 11 and 2000
Mar. 30, and a power-spectrum analysis of the I light reveals a
clear and significant signal of quasiperiodic oscillations.  These
are interpreted as a combination of two distinct periodicities of
0.12287 +/- 0.0001 and 0.12266 +/- 0.0001 day, each with
semiamplitude about 0.03 mag.  A similar set of measurements was
obtained 2 yr earlier, between 1997 Nov. 12 and 1998 Mar. 21, when
the star was on average 0.125 mag brighter in I; no trace of any
periodicity is apparent in that light curve."

                      (C) Copyright 2000 CBAT
2000 May 30                    (7433)            Daniel W. E. Green

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