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IAUC 7658: 2001da; mu Cen; 1979C; 2001cz

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SUPERNOVA 2001da IN NGC 7780
     C. Yu and W. D. Li, University of California at Berkeley,
report the discovery by LOTOSS (cf. IAUC 7514) of an apparent
supernova in unfiltered images taken with the Katzman Automatic
Imaging Telescope (KAIT) on July 9.5 (mag about 16.5) and 10.5 UT
(mag about 16.3).  SN 2001da is located at R.A. = 23h53m32s.78,
Decl. = +8 07'02".6 (equinox 2000.0), which is 8".7 east and 2".7
south of the nucleus of NGC 7780.  A KAIT image of the same field
taken on 2000 Dec. 31.3 showed nothing at this position (limiting
mag about 19.0).

     D. Baade and T. Rivinius, European Southern Observatory (ESO),
Garching; and S. Stefl, Astronomical Institute, Academy of
Sciences, Ondrejov, write: "Visual observations made by S. Otero
(Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia, Buenos Aires) and communicated
on June 21 imply that the Be star mu Cen (= HR 5193 = HD 120321)
brightened between June 7 and June 21 by about 0.2 mag from its
previous level of m_v = 3.5.  An echelle spectrogram taken on June
21.95 UT by X. Liu (University College, London) with the ESO 1.5-m
Telescope (+ FEROS) at La Silla shows broad emission wings in H-
alpha and numerous emission lines from singly ionized metals; the
peak separations of the Si II line at 634.7 nm and the Fe II lines
at II 516.9 and 531.7 nm are 285, 280, and 290 km/s, respectively.
Comparison with earlier observations of the same star (Rivinius et
al. 1998, A.Ap. 333, 125) suggests that the outburst proper took
place about 10 +/- 10 days earlier.  The ephemeris of Rivinius et
al. (1998, ASP Conf. Ser. 135, 343), which is based on the beating
of several nonradial pulsation modes, predicts an outburst on June
18 +/- 7 days."

     Corrigendum.  On IAUC 7657, 'Supernovae 1993J and 1979C', last
sentence, FOR  band by the GMRT on 2000 Nov. 9 (36.6 +/- 0.6 mJy).
READ  by the GMRT on 2000 Nov. 9 (7.4 +/- 0.6 mJy).

SUPERNOVA 2001cz IN NGC 4679
     Further to IAUC 7657, R. Chassagne reports that SN 2001cz does
not appear on a CCD image taken on June 25.6 UT (limiting mag about

                      (C) Copyright 2001 CBAT
2001 July 10                   (7658)            Daniel W. E. Green

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