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IAUC 7703: S/2001 (22) 1; 2001ed

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                                                  Circular No. 7703
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S/2001 (22) 1
     The Central Bureau received word of a new apparent satellite
of minor planet (22) Kalliope first from Merline and over half a
day later from Margot.  Their reports are published below in the
order received.
     W. J. Merline, Southwest Research Institute (SRI); and F.
Menard, Observatoire de Grenoble, report for their collaboration
(L. Close, University of Arizona; C. Dumas, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; and C. R. Chapman and D. C. Slater, SRI) the detection
of a satellite of (22) on Sept. 2.6 UT from H-band direct imaging
with the 3.6-m Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (+ PUEO adaptive
optics system) on Mauna Kea:  "The brightness ratios observed are
about 4.9 mag in bands J, H, and K'.  A 1.3-hr baseline rules out
background stars as the source and shows motion consistent with
that of a satellite.  A search for known background/foreground
small bodies with possibly similar motion reveals no candidates
brighter than mag 18.  We acquired additional observations of the
new object over a 3-hr span on Sept. 3.  We find the secondary at
the following separations and position angles:  Sept. 2.5894,
0".56, 181 deg; 2.6301, 0".55, 183 deg; 3.6458, 0".28, 317 deg."
     J.-L. Margot and M. E. Brown, California Institute of
Technology, write:  "We report the discovery of a satellite to the
M-class minor planet (22).  The projected separation between
primary and secondary was 0".51 (1000 km) on H-band images obtained
on Aug. 29.6 UT using the adaptive-optics system at the 10-m W. M.
Keck II telescope on Mauna Kea.  The brightness ratio was measured
to be 23 +/- 5, implying a diameter ratio of about 1:5.  Confirming
observations were obtained at the Keck II telescope on Aug. 31.6."

     M. Migliardi, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, reports his discovery
of an apparent supernova (mag about 14.9) on unfiltered CCD images
taken with a 0.5-m telescope on Sept. 2.96 and 3.01 UT in the
course of the CROSS program (cf. IAUC 7373).  SN 2001ed is located
at R.A. = 1h51m51s.08, Decl. = +6 17'27".4 (equinox 2000.0), which
is 9" east and 20" south of the nucleus of NGC 706.  A CROSS image
taken on 2000 Dec. 28 showed nothing at the position of the new
object (limiting mag about 18.5), and it does not appear on Palomar
Sky Survey red and blue plates.

                      (C) Copyright 2001 CBAT
2001 September 3               (7703)            Daniel W. E. Green

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