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IAUC 7765: 2001hf; 2001gd; 2001gc; 2001 QT_297

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                                                  Circular No. 7765
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVA 2001hf IN MCG -03-23-17
     M. Schwartz, Cottage Grove, OR; and W. D. Li, University of
California at Berkeley, on behalf of LOTOSS (cf. IAUC 7514), report
the discovery of an apparent supernova (mag about 16.1) on
unfiltered images taken with the 0.5-m Tenagra III automated
telescope on Nov. 27.3 and Dec. 4.5 UT.  The new object is located
at R.A. = 9h05m07s.44, Decl. = -18o31'04".8 (equinox 2000.0), which
is 4".5 west and 6".9 north of the nucleus of MCG -03-23-17.  A
Tenagra III image taken on Nov. 16.4 showed nothing at this
position (limiting mag about 19.0).

SUPERNOVA 2001gd IN NGC 5033
     T. Matheson, S. Jha, P. Challis, and R. Kirshner, Harvard-
Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, report that a spectrum (range
370-750 nm) of SN 2001gd (cf. IAUC 7761), obtained by P. Berlind on
Dec. 4.52 UT with the F. L. Whipple Observatory 1.5-m telescope (+
FAST spectrograph), shows it to be a type-IIb supernova well past
maximum light:  "The spectrum is almost identical to one of SN
1993J obtained on day 93 after explosion (see Matheson et al. 2000,
A.J. 120, 1487).  The helium lines are weak, but still discernable.
The nebular-phase lines of magnesium, oxygen, and calcium are
beginning to dominate the spectrum."

SUPERNOVA 2001gc IN UGC 3375
     M. Villi, Piacenza, Italy, reports that a CCD image taken with
a 0.50-m telescope on Nov. 17.30 UT in the course of the CROSS
program (cf. IAUC 7373) shows SN 2001gc (IAUC 7759) at mag 17.1.

2001 QT_297
     J. L. Elliot, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
reports that all three frames of 2001 QT_297 recorded on Oct. 11 UT
(all with the Sloan r' filter) by D. J. Osip (MIT) with the MagIC
camera on the Magellan I telescope (cf. IAUC 7733) have been
analyzed further, yielding the following averages (for the
secondary relative to the primary):  difference in magnitude 0.70
+/- 0.20; separation 0".61 +/- 0".01; p.a. 116.8 +/- 0.2 deg
(measured north through east, as opposed to the non-standard
north-through-west position angle reported on IAUC 7733).

                      (C) Copyright 2001 CBAT
2001 December 4                (7765)            Daniel W. E. Green

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