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IAUC 8085: 2003bj; SNe; 2003aw

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SUPERNOVA 2003bj IN IC 4219
     Further to IAUC 8082, R. Chassagne reports the discovery of an
apparent supernova (mag about 15.1) on unfiltered images taken on
Feb. 27.8 and Mar. 1.81 UT.  SN 2003bj is located at R.A. =
13h18m29s.10, Decl. = -31o37'37".7 (equinox 2000.0), which is 9".3
west and 13".7 north of the nucleus of IC 4219.  Nothing was
visible at this position on an image taken on 2002 Feb. 9.0
(limiting mag about 18.0) or on a Digitized Sky Survey image taken
on 1977 Mar. 20.7 (limiting mag 20.0).

     Further to their reports on IAUC 8084, A. V. Filippenko and R.
Chornock add that inspection of additional CCD spectra, also
obtained on Feb. 27 or 28 UT, shows that SN 2003ac (IAUC 8064) is
beginning to develop He I lines, as predicted on IAUC 8065.  SN
2003am (IAUC 8069) is of type II in the nebular phase; H_alpha
emission is very strong.  SN 2003an (IAUC 8069) is of type Ia at
redshift 0.037 (host galaxy), about 2 weeks past maximum.  SN
2003aq (IAUC 8072) is of type II, well into the plateau phase;
H_alpha emission greatly dominates over the absorption component in
the P-Cyg profile.  SN 2003au (IAUC 8075) is of type Ia at redshift
0.031 (host galaxy), about 1 month past maximum; the spectral
features resemble those of the subluminous type-Ia SN 1991bg.  SN
2003ay (IAUC 8079) is of type Ia at redshift 0.073 (from the
supernova features), about 2 weeks past maximum.  The following
redshifts were measured for objects reported on IAUC 8083:  SN
2003V, 0.045 (host galaxy); SN 2003ah, 0.03 (supernova features);
SN 2003av, 0.14 (supernova features); SN 2003ax, 0.054 (host
galaxy); SN 2003bf, 0.034 (host galaxy).

     P. A. Woudt and B. Warner, University of Cape Town, report
that high-speed CCD photometry of the object 2003aw at the South
African Astronomical Observatory 1.0-m telescope yields a
brightness (V about 18.3 on Feb. 28.9 and Mar. 1.9 UT) that is
modulated on a period of 2034 +/- 3 s with a peak-to-peak amplitude
of about 0.1 mag, confirming the suggestion (IAUC 8084) that 2003aw
is a double-degenerate helium-transferring binary currently in a
high state.  The observed periodicity is probably a superhump
period, and shallow eclipses are evident.

                      (C) Copyright 2003 CBAT
2003 March 1                   (8085)            Daniel W. E. Green

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