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IAUC 8186: 2003hn; 2003ho; V2573 Oph

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                                                  Circular No. 8186
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SUPERNOVA 2003hn IN NGC 1448
     R. Evans, Hazelbrook, N.S.W., reports his visual discovery
with a 0.31-m reflector on Aug. 25.70 UT of an apparent supernova
(mag 14.1) located 30" east and 50" north of the nucleus of NGC
1448, adding that nothing was visible at this location to m_v about
15.5 on Aug. 5 or on various CCD/photographic images of the galaxy.
G. Bock, Bannockburn, Qld., reports that a CCD image taken on Aug.
25.74 shows SN 2003hn at mag approximately 14.2 and located
approximately 47" east and 53" north of the galaxy nucleus.  K.
Krisciunas, Las Campanas Observatory and Cerro Tololo Interamerican
Observatory (CTIO), reports that images taken by J. Espinoza (CTIO
1.3-m telescope) yield a semi-accurate position for SN 2003hn: R.A.
= 3h44m36s.1, Decl. = -44o37'49" (equinox 2000.0; uncertainty
1"-2"); no star was visible at this location on a CTIO image from
Jan. 3 (limiting mag V approximately 19).  A star (mag V
approximately 18.2) lies about 10" east-northeast of SN 2003hn.
Preliminary CTIO photometry (+/- 0.04 mag) on Aug. 26.32:  V =
14.36, B-V = +0.21, U-B = -0.87 (aperture size 4"; some galaxy
light included, with SN 2003hn superimposed on the eastern edge of
a possible H II region).

SUPERNOVA 2003ho IN ESO 235-G58
     Further to IAUC 8161, L. A. G. Monard reports his discovery of
an apparent supernova (mag approximately 18.6 +/- 0.3) on a CCD
image taken on July 31.796 UT, with a confirming image taken on
Aug. 25.795 (and the new star at mag approximately 18.8).  The new
object is located at R.A. = 21h06m30s.56, Decl. = -48o07'29".9
(equinox 2000.0), which is 33" east and 15" south of the nucleus of
ESO 235-G58.  SN 2003ho is not visible on the Digitized Sky Survey
(limiting red mag 20.5) or on an image taken by Monard on 2003 July
10.08 (limiting red mag 18.5).

     R. W. Russell, D. K. Lynch, and D. L. Kim, Aerospace
Corporation; H. B. Hammel, Space Science Institute; and R. B.
Perry, Langley Research Center, NASA, report on 3- to 13-micron
spectroscopy of V2573 Oph on Aug. 21.25 UT with the the NASA
Infrared Telescope Facility (+ BASS; 3".4-diameter beam).  The
spectrum decreased monotonically toward longer wavelengths and was
well fit by a 1000-K gray-body function.  No emission features or
infrared excess were evident.  The magnitudes were L = 4.1 +/-
0.05, M = 3.4 +/- 0.05, and [N(10.2 microns)] = 2.3 +/- 0.05.

                      (C) Copyright 2003 CBAT
2003 August 26                 (8186)            Daniel W. E. Green

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