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IAUC 8321: C/2004 DZ_61; 2004bi; 2004bg

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                                                  Circular No. 8321
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Mailstop 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
IAUSUBS@CFA.HARVARD.EDU or FAX 617-495-7231 (subscriptions)
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     An apparently asteroidal object reported independently by the
Catalina and LINEAR surveys (discovery observations below from MPEC
2004-E02 and MPS 100749) has been found to have a 4"-diameter
centrally condensed coma and a faint tail in p.a. 190-220 deg on R-
band CCD images taken on Mar. 16 and 17 UT by S. S. Sheppard, Y. R.
Fernandez, and D. Jewitt with the University of Hawaii 2.2-m
reflector at Mauna Kea.

     2004 UT             R.A. (2000) Decl.       Mag.   Observer
     Feb. 18.45275   12 37 20.26   - 1 52 38.3   19.3   Catalina
          19.37483   12 37 19.80   - 1 19 43.6   19.3   LINEAR

     Additional astrometry, the following elliptical orbital
elements (P = 308 yr), and an ephemeris appear on MPEC 2004-G34.

                    Epoch = 2004 June  4.0 TT
     T = 2004 May  26.8576 TT         Peri. =  44.4612
     e = 0.955901                     Node  = 172.7922  2000.0
     q = 2.013352 AU                  Incl. =  66.8102

SUPERNOVA 2004bi IN UGC 5894
     Further to IAUC 8317, K. Shimasaki and W. Li report the LOSS
discovery, on KAIT images taken on Apr. 13.23 and 14.20 UT, of an
apparent supernova (mag about 18.7) located at R.A. = 10h47m37s.45,
Decl. = +26o18'12".0 (equinox 2000.0), which is 25".8 west and
32".1 north of the nucleus of UGC 5894.  A KAIT image taken on Mar.
15.25 showed nothing at this position (limiting mag about 19.8).

SUPERNOVA 2004bg IN UGC 6363
     T. Matheson, P. Challis, and R. Kirshner, Harvard-Smithsonian
Center for Astrophysics, report that a spectrum (range 370-750 nm)
of SN 2004bg (cf. IAUC 8317), obtained by P. Berlind on Apr. 11.39
UT with the Mt. Hopkins 1.5-m telescope (+ FAST spectrograph),
shows it to be a type-Ia supernova near maximum.  Adopting the
NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database recession velocity of 6306 km/s
for the host galaxy, the supernova expansion velocity is 10600 km/s
for Si II (rest 635.5 nm).  The spectral-feature age of the
supernova (Riess et al. 1997, A.J. 114, 722) is 3 +/- 2 days before
maximum light.

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 April 14                  (8321)            Daniel W. E. Green

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