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IAUC 8335: 2004bm, 2004bn, 2004bo, 2004bp; NOTICE RE FAINT Poss. SNe

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                                                  Circular No. 8335
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVAE 2004bm, 2004bn, 2004bo, 2004bp
     Four apparent supernovae have been reported from unfiltered
CCD survey images:  SN 2004bp by M. Armstrong (cf. IAUC 8320) and
the remainder by D. Singer, J. Burket, and W. Li (LOSS/KAIT; IAUC

SN       2004 UT        R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.   Mag.     Offset
2004bm   Apr. 25.21   10 52 35.33  +22 56 05.5  17.5   6".2 W, 2".5 N
2004bn   Apr. 23.23   10 52 31.06  + 7 13 41.2  18.8   1".3 W, 11".5 N
2004bo   Apr. 30.28   13 26 06.39  -19 46 32.6  17.0   19".8 W, 3".8 N
2004bp   May   3.94   11 09 53.25  +37 00 06.4  18.0   14".2 E, 0".6 S

Additional approximate magnitudes from the respective discoverers:
SN 2004bm in NGC 3437, Mar. 15.22 UT, [19.0; May 2.23, 17.5.  SN
2004bn in NGC 3441, Jan. 2.40, [19.5; Apr. 24.19, 18.8; May 4.21,
18.7.  SN 2004bo in ESO 576-G54, Mar. 31.32, [19.0; Apr. 13.31,
17.0; May 5.35, 17.0.  SN 2004bp in MCG +06-25-14, 1989 Jan. 14,
[20.8 (Palomar Sky Survey, red); 1990 Apr. 21, [22.5 (Palomar Sky
Survey, blue); 2002 Feb. 22, [19.0; 2004 Apr. 21.99, 19.5 (hint);
May 4.943, 18.0.

     Extensive discussions between the Central Bureau and supernova
observers in the last couple of years -- largely regarding the
problem of very faint, spectroscopically unconfirmed supernova
suspects -- culminated in the decision, made at the meeting of the
IAU Working Group on Supernovae (WGS) at the IAU General Assembly
in Sydney last July, to establish an interactive webpage (cohosted
by the CBAT and WGS) that will allow registered users to post
discovery observations immediately under a provisional-designation
scheme so that the entire community can have ready access to them
in helping to confirm them as supernovae.  The interactive webpage
is still under construction, but with observers' eagerness to get
their data announced quickly, the Central Bureau has established a
preliminary, noninteractive site at URL
http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/CBAT_PSN.html.  Contributors are
asked to read the instructions at that website and submit data in
the standard format described therein.  Objects listed at this
website will have provisional designations tied in to the date of
discovery; any objects later confirmed as supernovae will receive
formal supernova designations and be announced, as usual, on these

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 May 5                     (8335)            Daniel W. E. Green

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