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IAUC 8345: 2004bw; LL And; 2004bu, 2004bv

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                                                  Circular No. 8345
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SUPERNOVA 2004bw IN MCG +00-38-19
     Further to IAUC 8340, M. Moore and W. Li report the LOSS
discovery of a supernova on unfiltered KAIT images taken on May
26.39 (mag about 17.8) and 27.35 UT (mag about 17.6).  SN 2004bw is
located at R.A. = 15h03m46s.75, Decl. = -3o18'16".4 (equinox
2000.0), which is 22".1 east and 7".2 south of the nucleus of MCG
+00-38-19.  A KAIT image taken on May 20.38 showed nothing at this
position (limiting magnitude 19.5).
     R. J. Foley, D. S. Wong, M. Ganeshalingam, W. Li, and A. V.
Filippenko, University of California, Berkeley, report that
inspection of CCD spectra (range only 400-690 nm), obtained on May
27 UT with the Shane 3-m telescope at Lick Observatory, shows that
SN 2004bw is of type I, possibly Ic, but the exact classification
is uncertain due to the limited wavelength coverage.  The spectrum
resembles that of SN 2004aw as described by Matheson et al. (IAUC

     E. Waagen, AAVSO, reports that P. Schmeer (Bischmisheim,
Germany) has found the SU UMa-type cataclysmic variable LL And to
be in superoutburst, as indicated by the following CCD magnitudes:
May 19.464 UT, [16.5; 20.461, [18.0; 21.462, [18.0; 22.463, 12.6.
H. Yamaoka, Kyushu University, forwards the following visual
magnitude estimate of LL And by T. Ohshima (Nara, Japan):  May
25.75, 13.5.  Waagen adds that LL And is not a well-studied star,
with this being only its third known outburst, the last outburst
having occurred on 1993 Dec. 7, when it reached visual mag 13.9 and
was brighter than mag 15 until Dec. 17; its usual minimum magnitude
is fainter than 17.0.

SUPERNOVAE 2004bu AND 2004bv
     Foley et al. add that inspection of CCD spectra, taken as
above, show that SN 2004bu (IAUC 8343) is of type I, possibly
resembling the peculiar SN 1998bw and SN 2002ap (Foley et al. 2003,
PASP 115, 1220); however, the wavelength coverage is more limited
than usual (owing to a mechanical problem in the red arm of the
double spectrograph) and is insufficient for a strong confirmation.
SN 2004bv (IAUC 8344) is of type Ia near maximum brightness; the
weak Si II 615-nm feature and prominent Fe III lines resemble those
of SN 1991T (Filippenko et al. 1992, Ap.J. 384, L15).  Lacking view
of the Ca II H-and-K region, it is possible that the spectrum might
also resemble that of SN 1999aa (Li et al. 2001, Ap.J. 546, 734).

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 May 27                    (8345)            Daniel W. E. Green

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