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                                                  Circular No. 8476
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Mailstop 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
IAUSUBS@CFA.HARVARD.EDU or FAX 617-495-7231 (subscriptions)
URL http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/cbat.html  ISSN 0081-0304
Phone 617-495-7440/7244/7444 (for emergency use only)

SUPERNOVAE 2005X, 2005Y, 2005Z, 2005aa
     Further to IAUC 8473, H. G. Khandrika, S. Park, J. Graham, and
W. Li report the LOSS/KAIT discovery of four apparent supernovae on
unfiltered KAIT images.  SN 2005Z was discovered independently by O.
Trondal and M. Schwartz (cf. IAUC 8468) on unfiltered Tenagra II
0.81-m telescope images, and their data are tabulated below.

SN      2005 UT        R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2005X   Jan. 24.44   12 24 00.75  + 7 46 38.9   17.5   1".6 E, 1".8 N
2005Y   Jan. 31.12    1 37 37.29  + 0 02 29.8   18.8   2".6 E, 5".1 N
2005Z   Jan. 31.37   10 45 09.18  +22 04 38.3   16.7   5".6 W, 4".3 S
2005aa  Feb.  1.38    9 08 04.21  +27 14 59.4   18.8   10".8 W, 0".6 S

Additional approximate unfiltered CCD magnitudes, from LOSS/KAIT
unless noted otherwise:  SN 2005X (in a galaxy that is in turn 5".6
east and 27".7 south of NGC 4353), 2004 June 10.20 UT, [19.0; Dec.
1.43, [17.5; 2005 Feb. 2.45, 17.7.  SN 2005Y in UGC 1159, 2004 Dec.
12.13, [20.0; 2005 Jan. 22.14, [19.0; Feb. 2.23, 18.5.  SN 2005Z in
NGC 3363, Jan. 15.45, [19.0 (T. Puckett and P. Wiggins); 20.45,
[19.0; Feb. 1.46, 17.1; 2.36, 17.3.  SN 2005aa in MCG +05-22-8, Jan.
22.39, [19.5; Feb. 2.35, 18.8.  Li provides position end figures
09s.07, 37".3 for SN 2005Z.

     The Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams (CBETs) are now
available to subscribers at the CBAT website
(http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/cbet/RecentCBETs.html).  While the
introductory note on IAUC 8036 indicated the intended 'temporary'
nature of the CBETs, it was noted on CBET 1 that they may evolve
into something more permanent, and discussions with members of the
supernova-research community in particular suggest that the CBETs
be now expanded into a supplementary publication to these Circulars.
One problem with the IAUCs is that they are in a limited-size
format due to their printed nature, and this causes problems for
long lists of such objects as faint supernovae.  The CBETs, being
entirely electronic, have no such size constraints, and so they
will be henceforth used as a supplementary publication to the IAUCs
in that they will often contain data not published on these
Circulars; it is anticipated that these Circulars will contain
brief announcements of more detailed material appearing in CBETs
that is not repeated here, so that there is still at least a
printed record of the published topics.

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 February 2                (8476)            Daniel W. E. Green

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