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IAUC 8483: Poss. N IN Cyg; C/2004 Y12, C/2005 A2-A5; 2005 AB

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                                                  Circular No. 8483
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan, reports the discovery by Hideo
Nishimura (Kakegawa, Shizuoka-ken, Japan) of a possible nova (mag
9.7) on two films taken on Feb. 10.85 UT using a Pentax 6x7 camera
(+ 200-mm f/4.0 lens + Kodak T-Max 400 film; limiting mag 11).
Nishimura provided the following semi-accurate position:  R.A. =
20h09m19s, Decl. = +39o48'49" (equinox 2000.0), adding that nothing
was visible at this position on his patrol films back to 2001 Oct.
21 (including one taken on 2005 Feb. 6 with limiting mag 11).  S.
Wakuda (Yuto, Shizuoka-ken, Japan) provides position end figures
19s.05, 52".9 (average of eight measurements) from a CCD image
taken on Feb. 11.841 (the new object being at mag 9.3).  K. Kadota
(Ageo, Saitama-ken, Japan) provides position end figures 19s.09,
52".2 from an unfiltered image taken with a 0.25-m f/5.0 reflector
on Feb. 11.761 (the object at mag 8.9).  The nearest object in the
USNO-A2.0 catalogue lies 14" to the southeast (and has red mag 16.4).

COMETS C/2004 Y12 AND C/2005 A2-A5 (SOHO)
     Additional Kreutz comets (cf. IAUC 8475; YT = Y.-s. Tsai):

 Comet       2004 UT      R.A.(2000)Decl.   Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/2004 Y12  Dec. 31.113  18 57.3  -28 09   C3/2   TH   2005-C38

 Comet       2005 UT      R.A.(2000)Decl.   Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/2005 A2   Jan.  3.404  19 08.9  -25 51   C3     YT   2005-C38
 C/2005 A3         6.488  19 23.4  -26 01   C3     HS   2005-C38
 C/2005 A4        13.321  19 58.1  -25 03   C3     HS   2005-C38
 C/2005 A5        15.405  20 01.0  -22 56   C3     RK   2005-C38

2005 AB
     V. Reddy, Department of Space Studies, University of North
Dakota, Grand Forks; R. Dyvig, Quinn, SD; and P. Pravec and P.
Kusnirak, Ondrejov Observatory, report that photometric
observations obtained during Feb. 1-8 show that the Amor-type minor
planet 2005 AB (cf. MPEC 2005-A05, 2005-C48) is a binary system
with orbital period 17.9 hr.  The primary rotates with a period of
3.337 hr, and its lightcurve amplitude of 0.04 mag is indicative of
a nearly spheroidal shape.  Mutual events 0.06-0.11 mag deep
indicate a secondary-to-primary mean-diameter ratio of 0.24 or
greater.  Further observations (especially radar and spectroscopic)
are desirable.

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 February 11               (8483)            Daniel W. E. Green

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