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IAUC 8507: 2005bf; 2005az; 2005aw

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                                                  Circular No. 8507
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SUPERNOVA 2005bf IN MCG +00-27-5
     L. A. G. Monard reports his discovery of an apparent supernova
(mag about 18.0 +/- 0.3) on unfiltered CCD images taken on Apr.
5.722 and 6.715 UT with the 0.30-m reflector at the Bronberg
Observatory near Pretoria, South Africa.  The new object is located
at R.A. = 10h23m56s.99, Decl. = -3o11'29".3 (equinox 2000.0), which
is 13" east and 32" south of the nucleus of MCG +00-27-5.  Nothing
is visible at this position on the Digitized Sky Survey (limiting
red mag 20.5) or on an image taken by Monard on 2005 Mar. 12.80
(limiting red mag 18.5).  Further to IAUC 8504, M. Moore and W. Li
independently report the LOSS discovery of SN 2005bf (at mag 17.8)
on an unfiltered KAIT image taken on Apr. 6.3), providing position
end figures 57s.27, 28".6 (and offset 11".7 east and 32".6 south of
the nucleus of MCG +00-27-5).  The new object was also marginally
detected (at mag about 18.8) on an earlier KAIT image taken on Mar.
30.31, while a KAIT image taken on Mar. 15.31 showed nothing at
this position (limiting mag 19.5).

SUPERNOVA 2005az IN NGC 4961
     Note that the host galaxy for SN 2005az appears to be NGC 4961
(not 4960 as stated on IAUC 8503).  Additional unfiltered CCD
magnitudes reported by W. Li (LOSS/KAIT) and T. Puckett and D. Moon
(cf. IAUC 8504) for SN 2005az:  Mar. 16.43 UT, [19.0 (Li); Apr.
4.22, 16.7 (Puckett); 5.39, 16.3 (Li).  SN 2005az was also
marginally detected on an KAIT earlier image taken on Mar. 27.41
under poor conditions.

SUPERNOVA 2005aw IN IC 4837A
     N. Morrell, M. Hamuy, G. Folatelli, and M. Roth, Carnegie
Supernova Project, report that a spectrogram (range 380-930 nm) of
SN 2005aw (cf. IAUC 8499), obtained on Apr. 3.33 UT with the Las
Campanas 2.5-m du Pont Telescope (+ WFCCD spectrograph), reveals
this to be a type-Ic supernova, several days past maximum.  The
spectrum, dominated by strong Ca II 857.9-nm, along with O I
777.3-nm, Si II 635.5-nm, Na I 589.2-nm, Fe II 508.3-nm, and Mg II
448.1-nm, is very similar to those of supernovae 1994I and 1987M at
10-11 days after maximum light.  An equivalent width of 0.13 nm was
measured for the interstellar Na I D line arising in the host

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 April 6                   (8507)            Daniel W. E. Green

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