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IAUC 8570: 2005da; Occn BY PLUTO I (CHARON); C/2005 L10, C/2005 L11, C/2005 L12, C/2005 L13

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                                                  Circular No. 8570
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SUPERNOVA 2005da IN UGC 11301
     Further to IAUC 8563, E. Lee and W. Li report the LOSS
discovery of an apparent supernova (mag 16.9) on unfiltered KAIT
images taken on July 18.35 and 19.36 UT.  SN 2005da is located at
R.A. = 18h37m46s.89, Decl. = +17o32'35".3 (equinox 2000.0), which
is 108".4 west and 34".8 north of the nucleus of UGC 11301.  A KAIT
image taken on 2004 June 2.36 showed nothing at this position
(limiting mag about 19.5).

     L. A. Young, C. B. Olkin, and E. F. Young, Southwest Research
Institute; and R. G. French, Wellesley College, report their
observations of an occultation on July 11 of the star 2UCAC
26257135 by Pluto I (Charon).  E. F. Young and K. Shoemaker
observed with 0.2-s integration times using the visitor instrument
PHOT (unfiltered) on the 4.2-m SOAR telescope at Cerro Pachon.  C.
Olkin, C. Ruhland, and L. A. Young observed via a 240-s I-band
exposure trailed at 1".5/s with the 4-m Blanco telescope (+ Mosaic
II camera) at Cerro Tololo.  R. French, B. Gregory, L. A. Young,
and R. Galvez observed via 0.5-s I-band exposures using the 0.9-m
SMARTS telescope (+ Tek2K No. 3 CCD camera) at Cerro Tololo.  All
three sites report durations of 55.3 +/- 0.2 s.  The chord length
is 1179 +/- 4 km, which serves as a lower limit on the diameter
from these telescopes.  No obvious atmosphere was detected.
Immersion and emersion times (+/- 0s.01) at SOAR were 3h36m16s.19
and 3h37m11s.26 UT.

COMETS C/2005 L10, C/2005 L11, C/2005 L12, C/2005 L13 (SOHO)
     K. Battams reports data concerning additional tailless Kreutz
sungrazing comets found on SOHO website images (cf. IAUC 8569).
C/2005 L10 was tiny and very faint.  C/2005 L11 was stellar in
appearance, reaching mag about 6.4 at 7.0 solar radii on June
10.142 UT.  C/2005 L12 was stellar in C3 images but very diffuse in
C2 images, reaching mag about 7.1 at 7.0 solar radii on June 12.292.
C/2005 L13 was very diffuse (estimated mag 8.0).

 Comet       2005 UT       R.A.(2000)Decl.  Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/2005 L10  June  9.433   5 07.7   +21 06   C2    KC   2005-N75
 C/2005 L11        9.596   5 10.3   +19 49   C3/2  BZ   2005-N76
 C/2005 L12       12.113   5 19.2   +20 52   C3/2  TH   2005-N76
 C/2005 L13       12.117   5 17.0   +21 12   C2    HS   2005-N76

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 July 19                   (8570)            Daniel W. E. Green

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