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IAUC 8581: 2005dg; 2005df; 2005de; V1188 Sco

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                                                  Circular No. 8581
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVA 2005dg IN ESO 420-3
     L. A. G. Monard, Pretoria, S. Africa, reports his discovery of
an apparent supernova (mag about 16.6 +/- 0.2) on three unfiltered
CCD images taken on 2005 Aug. 5.14 UT with a 0.30-m Schmidt-
Cassegrain reflector; a confirming image was obtained on Aug. 6.136
(the object's magnitude then about 16.5).  SN 2005dg is located at
R.A. = 4h07m46s.25, Decl. = -29o51'28".1 (equinox 2000.0), which is
7" east and 6" north of the nucleus of ESO 420-3.  Nothing is
visible at this location on the Digitized Sky Survey (limiting red
mag 20.5) or on an image taken on 2005 July 20.130 by Monard
(limiting red mag 18.2).

SUPERNOVA 2005df IN NGC 1559
     M. Salvo and B. Schmidt, Australian National University (ANU);
and M. Owers, University of New South Wales, report that preliminary
reduction of a spectrum (range 390-700 nm), obtained on Aug. 5.83 UT
with the ANU 2.3-m telescope (+ Double-Beam Spectrograph), shows SN
2005df (IAUC 8580) to be a somewhat-unusual young type-Ia supernova.
Cross-correlation with a library of template spectra suggests a
similarity between this object and SN 1986G when a few days before
maximum light (Phillips et al. 1987, PASP 99, 592).  Adopting the
NED recession velocity for the host galaxy (from Koribalski et al.
2004, A.J. 128, 16) the expansion velocity of the Si-II 635.5-nm
line is around 15300 km/s.

SUPERNOVA 2005de IN UGC 11097
     R. J. Foley, D. Perley, J. S. Bloom, University of California,
Berkeley; and J. X. Prochaska, University of California, Santa Cruz,
report that inspection of CCD spectra (range 390-1000 nm), obtained
on Aug. 4.34 UT with the Keck II 10-m telescope (+ ESI), shows that
SN 2005de (cf. IAUC 8580) is of type Ia, resembling SN 1992A
(Kirshner et al. 1993, Ap.J. 415, 589) at a few days before maximum
brightness.  Adopting a redshift of 4481 km/s (from Na D absorption
lines in the spectrum), the expansion velocity of Si II (rest 635.5
nm) is about 13300 km/s.

     Additional visual magnitude estimates (cf. IAUC 8575):  July
30.93 UT, 9.6 (J. G. de S. Aguiar, Campinas, Brazil); Aug. 3.90,
10.6 (J. Carvajal, Avila, Spain).

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 August 6                  (8581)            Daniel W. E. Green

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