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IAUC 8610: S/2005 (2003 UB_313) 1; 2005et; 2005eq

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S/2005 (2003 UB_313) 1
     M. E. Brown, California Institute of Technology, on behalf of
the adaptive-optics team at Keck Observatory, reports the discovery
of a satellite of the transneptunian object 2003 UB_313 (cf. IAUC
8577) from six 60-s K'-band exposures taken on Sept. 10.52 UT with
the "Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics" system at the Keck II
telescope.  The satellite was found to be 4.43 +/- 0.05 mag fainter
than the primary and to be separated 0".53 +/- 0".01 from the
primary in p.a. 275 +/- 1 deg.  Additional Hubble Space Telescope
observations are planned for November.

SUPERNOVA 2005et IN UGC 2413
     Further to IAUC 8607, T. Puckett and M. O'Connor report the
discovery of an apparent supernova (mag 18.3) on an unfiltered CCD
frame taken with the 0.60-m automated supernova patrol telescope on
Sept. 23.34 UT.  The new object was also present on images taken on
Sept. 15.35 (a hint), Oct. 1.31 (at mag 17.9), and 2.30 (mag 17.9).
SN 2005et is located at R.A. = 2h56m30s.53, Decl. = +15o56'12".8
(equinox 2000.0), which is 25".2 east and 75".1 north of the center
of UGC 2413.  Nothing is present at this location on images taken
by Puckett on Sept. 6 and 9 (limiting mag about 20.0).

SUPERNOVA 2005eq IN MCG -01-9-6
     M. Modjaz, R. Kirshner, and P. Challis, Harvard-Smithsonian
Center for Astrophysics, report that a spectrogram (range 350-740
nm) of SN 2005eq (cf. IAUC 8608), obtained by M. Calkins on Oct.
2.05 UT with the Mt. Hopkins 1.5-m telescope (+ FAST), shows it to
be a peculiar type-Ia supernova with a spectral-feature age (Riess
et al. 1997, A.J. 114, 722) of about 3 (+/- 2) days before maximum
light.  The spectrum exhibits a blue continuum and a shallow Si II
(rest 635.5 nm) absorption, as well as strong Fe III features
observed at 500 and 431 nm.  The spectrum is similar to those of SN
1998es (IAUC 7054) and SN 1999dq (IAUC 7250) at 3 days before
maximum; this might imply that SN 2005eq will have a slow declining
lightcurve.  Adopting the NED recession velocity of 8687 km/s for
the host galaxy (from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2003), the
supernova expansion velocity derived from the Ca II H+K absorption
(rest 394.5 nm) is about 19900 km/s -- and from the Si II
absorption (rest 635.5 nm) is about 8500 km/s.

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 October 4                 (8610)            Daniel W. E. Green

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