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IAUC 8636: S/2005 (2003 EL_61) 2; N LMC 2005; 2005ky

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                                                  Circular No. 8636
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S/2005 (2003 EL_61) 2
      M. E. Brown, California Institute of Technology, on behalf of
the adaptive-optics team at Keck Observatory, reports the discovery
of a second satellite of the transneptunian object 2003 EL_61 from
K'-band images taken with the Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
system at the Keck II telescope on Mar. 1, May 27, and June 29.
The satellite is 4.6 +/- 0.5 mag fainter than the primary.  A
preliminary circular orbit suggests a 34.1-day period with a
semimajor axis of 39300 km, inclined by 40 deg from the larger
outer satellite, S/2005 (2003 EL_61) 1 (cf. IAUC 8577), though
additional observations are required to confirm the orbit.
Additional information can be found at website

     E. O. Waagen, AAVSO, reports that B. Allen's position (cf.
IAUC 8635) was only an estimation, adding that a precise position
was measured by P. Nelson (Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia) from a
CCD image taken on Nov. 27.583 UT:  R.A. = 5h10m32s.68, Decl. =
-69o12'35".7 (equinox 2000.0).

     D. A. Howell, University of Toronto, on behalf of the
Supernova Legacy Survey (http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/astro-ph/?0510447),
reports the discovery of a supernova at magnitude i'(AB) = 22.3 on
Nov. 24.3 UT on Megacam images obtained with the Canada-France-
Hawaii Telescope.  SN 2005ky, which had brightened to i'(AB) = 21.0
by Dec. 1.3, is located at R.A. = 2h24m36s.254, Decl. =
-4o10'54".94 (equinox 2000.0), which is 0".33 west and 3".40 south
of the center of its host galaxy.  A spectrogram of 2005ky,
obtained by M. Sullivan and R. S. Ellis on Nov. 30.3 with the Keck
I telescope (+ LRIS), indicates that this is a type-Ia supernova
about one week before maximum light.  A redshift of z = 0.148 was
determined from host-galaxy Ca H and K absorption.  The supernova
shows a blue wing on the Si II 635.5-nm feature that is a possible
indication of high-velocity features.  The expansion velocities are
relatively high for this epoch:  15000 km/s determined from Si II
635.5-nm and 27000 km/s determined from Ca II H and K and the Ca II
infrared triplet.  There is no apparent feature at 580 nm, and the
blue part of the S II 'W' at 540 nm is enhanced relative to the red
absorption.  Strong Na D from the host galaxy indicates that there
may be extinction along the line-of-sight to this supernova.

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 December 1                (8636)            Daniel W. E. Green

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