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IAUC 8648: Sats OF URANUS; 2005mf, 2005mg; C/2005 U7, C/2005 U8, C/2005 Y1

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                                                  Circular No. 8648
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Mailstop 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
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     Further to IAUC 8177, the IAU Working Group for Planetary
System Nomenclature has approved the following new designations and
names of satellites of Uranus:

    Uranus XXII     Francisco   = S/2001 U 3
    Uranus XXIII    Margaret    = S/2003 U 3
    Uranus XXIV     Ferdinand   = S/2001 U 2
    Uranus XXV      Perdita     = S/1986 U 10
    Uranus XXVI     Mab         = S/2003 U 1
    Uranus XXVII    Cupid       = S/2003 U 2

SUPERNOVAE 2005mf AND 2005mg
     Two additional supernovae have been discovered on unfiltered
CCD images:  2005mf by the THCA Supernova Survey (cf. IAUC 8647)
and 2005mg by J. Newton and T. Puckett (cf. IAUC 8647).  Additional
magnitudes for 2005mf in UGC 4798:  Nov. 25, [18.5; Dec. 26.58 UT,
17.3.  SN 2005mf is not visible on TNT images from Oct. 31, Nov. 13,
and Dec. 13.  Additional magnitudes by Puckett for 2005mg in UGC
155:  Dec. 1, [19.5; 27.99, 15.2.

SN      2005 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2005mf  Dec. 25.67   9 08 42.33  +44 48 51.4  17.4  5".9 W, 13".3 N
2005mg  Dec. 27.08   0 16 44.21  + 7 04 19.8  16.2  0".3 E, 14".7 S

COMETS C/2005 U7, C/2005 U8, C/2005 Y1 (SOHO)
     Additional near-sun comets have been found on SOHO website
images (cf. IAUC 8644).  C/2005 U7 and C/2005 U8 were very faint
and diffuse Kreutz sungrazers.  Non-group comet C/2005 Y1 was
around 8th mag (and very hard to spot) in C3 images, but it was
well visible with a circular, diffuse head in C2 images, where it
reached mag about 7.1 with a very faint tail about 5' long at about
5 solar radii on Dec. 17.125 UT; C/2005 Y1 was again approaching
mag about 8 when it left the C2 field-of-view.

 Comet        2005 UT       R.A.(2000)Decl.   Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/2005 U7    Oct. 24.496  13 49.5   -12 51   C2     QY   2005-Y02
 C/2005 U8         30.038  14 12.1   -14 58   C2     HS   2005-Y02
 C/2005 Y1    Dec. 16.975  17 35.2   -23 29   C2/3   SF   2005-Y07

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 December 29               (8648)            Daniel W. E. Green

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