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IAUC 8674: 2006ae, 2006af, 2006ag, 2006ah, 2006ai; GRB 060218 = 2006aj

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                                                  Circular No. 8674
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVAE 2006ae, 2006af, 2006ag, 2006ah, 2006ai
     Several apparent supernovae have been discovered on CCD images
(all unfiltered except for the spectroscopic SDSS discoveries):
2006ae and 2006af by M. SubbaRao and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
(SDSS) collaboration (cf. IAUC 8668, CBET 400; magnitudes below are
estimated r-band values; both objects at center of their host
galaxies); 2006ag and 2006ah on Palomar NEAT survey images via the
"Nearby Supernova Factory" collaboration (details on CBET 402); and
2006ai by P. Luckas, O. Trondal, and M. Schwartz (cf. IAUC 8668).
SNe 2006ae, 2006af, and 2006ah all appear to be type-Ia supernovae
within a weak of maximum light upon discovery, while 2006ag is a
type-IIn event.  Additional approximate magnitudes of 2006ai in ESO
5-G9:  2005 Dec. 16.79 UT, [18.5; 2006 Feb. 19.52, 16.0.

SN      2006 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2006ae  Feb.  2.51  14 48 23.27  +21 47 51.5  20.7      -
2006af  Feb.  4.38  10 33 57.18  +20 20 25.7  19.5      -
2006ag  Feb.  9.4   12 00 17.12  +28 36 22.0  17.9      -
2006ah  Feb.  9.6   13 46 13.71  - 9 07 50.6  18.6      -
2006ai  Feb. 17.54   7 29 52.16  -84 02 20.5  16.2  2".5 W, 1".8 S

GRB 060218 = SUPERNOVA 2006aj
     A. Soderberg, California Institute of Technology; E. Berger,
Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; and B.
Schmidt, Australian National University, report that a spectrogram
(range 320-1000 nm) of GRB 060218 (cf. Cusumano et al., GCN
Observation Report Circ. 4775; R.A. = 3h21m37s, Decl. = +16o51'58",
equinox 2000.0), obtained with Gemini-South telescope (+ GMOS) on
Feb. 21.024 UT, shows that underlying a power-law continuum are
features consistent with a broad-lined type-Ib/c supernova
(designated 2006aj) near maximum light, confirming the findings of
Masetti et al. (GCN 4803).  The Gemini-South spectrum also confirms,
from several narrow emission lines, the redshift of z = 0.033
(Mirabal, who reported r = 17.6 on Feb. 19.1438 via GCN 4784, and
who notes a pre-outburst extended object at the GRB location via
GCN 4783).  Marshall et al. provide a precise position of the
optical counterpart of GRB 060218 from images obtained with the
Swift UltraViolet and Optical Telescope:  R.A. = 3h21m39s.71, Decl.
= +16o52'02".6 (estimated 1-sigma error about 1".0; cf. GCN 4779).
Zheng et al. report (on GCN 4802) the following R magnitudes for
the optical counterpart of GRB 060218:  Feb. 18.4522, 17.8; 20.4471,

                      (C) Copyright 2006 CBAT
2006 February 21               (8674)            Daniel W. E. Green

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