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IAUC 8732: S/2006 (624) 1; 2006ds, 2006dt

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                                                  Circular No. 8732
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S/2006 (624) 1
     F. Marchis and M. H. Wong, University of California at
Berkeley (UCB); J. Berthier, P. Descamps, D. Hestroffer, and F.
Vachier, Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides,
Observatoire de Paris; D. Le Mignant, W. M. Keck Observatory; and I.
de Pater, UCB, report the discovery of a satellite of (624) Hektor
using the Keck-II telescope and its Laser Guide Star Adaptive
Optics system.  Observations of this L4 Trojan minor planet (V =
14.4), recorded in H- and K-band filters on July 16.582 UT over a
20-min baseline, clearly show the presence of a moonlet companion
(peak S/N = 20) at 0".36 (p.a. 250 deg) from the primary.  The
shape of the resolved primary can be approximated by an ellipse
with major and minor axes 2a = 350 km and 2b = 210 km (108 and
65 milli-arcseconds), but several individual images further indicate
that the primary may have a bilobated shape.  Based on the
integrated brightness ratio between the moonlet and the primary of
about 6.5, the diameter of S/2006 (624) 1 is estimated to be about
15 km.

SUPERNOVAE 2006ds AND 2006dt
     Two additional supernovae have been discovered on unfiltered
CCD images:  2006ds by Y.-S. Tsai and K.-C. Lu (0.40-m reflector,
Kenting Star Village Observatory, Hengchun, Taiwan; note spelling
correction to Lu's name from the initial report on CBET 580),
and 2006dt by N. Lee and W. Li (via LOSS/KAIT; cf. IAUC 8731).

SN      2006 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2006ds  July 18.80  22 55 18.32  -33 55 17.5  16.1  5".4 W, 3".6 S
2006dt  July 20.20  14 35 43.11  + 8 17 55.8  16.8  2".9 E, 6".2 S

SN 2006ds in PGC 70011 was confirmed at mag about 15.5 on a CCD
frame taken by Tsai and Lu on July 19.82 UT; nothing is visible at
this location on a Digitized Sky Survey image (limiting red mag
20.5).  SN 2006ds is a type-II supernova (spectroscopic details on
CBET 580).  Additional magnitudes for 2006dt in NGC 5681:  July
11.20, [19.0; 15.23, 17.5.  SN 2006dt is a type-Ia supernova, near
maximum on July 21.22 (details on CBET 582).

                      (C) Copyright 2006 CBAT
2006 July 21                   (8732)            Daniel W. E. Green

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