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IAUC 8735: COMET P/2006 HR_30 (SIDING SPRING); C/1999 V5, C/1999 X3

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                                                  Circular No. 8735
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    Reports from two groups of observers indicate that 2006 HR_30,
reported as asteroidal when discovered by the Siding Spring Survey
(discovery observation tabulated below; cf. MPEC 2006-H40), appears
cometary.  A co-addition of three 10-s V-band exposures, obtained
on July 29.3 UT by S. C. Lowry and A. Fitzsimmons (Department of
Physics and Astronomy, Queen's University, Belfast) with the 3.5-m
New Technology Telescope at the European Southern Observatory (ESO),
La Silla, show a coma extending to 5".5 in p.a. 31 deg.
Observations by M. Hicks and K. Lawrence (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
on Aug. 3 with the Palomar 5-m Hale telescope show a faint coma
extending approximately 10" from the 'nucleus' in both the R-band
and long-slit spectral images.

     2006 UT             R.A. (2000) Decl.       Mag.
     Apr. 20.78181   22 04 31.90   - 9 04 14.9   18.7

Recent astrometry, the following orbital elements (from
observations in 2005 and 2006), and an ephemeris appear on MPEC
2006-P09.  There is also an unconfirmed observation of this object
on a 2-hr ESO exposure from 1986 Mar. 5, measured by G. Forti
(Arcetri Observatory, Florence) and published on MPS 174727.

                    Epoch = 2007 Jan. 20.0 TT
     T = 2007 Jan.  2.2815 TT         Peri. = 117.4137
     e = 0.843142                     Node  = 309.9512  2000.0
     q = 1.226435 AU                  Incl. =  31.8845
       a =  7.818745 AU    n = 0.0450815    P =  21.86 years

COMETS C/1999 V5 AND C/1999 X3 (SOHO)
    Further to IAUC 8734, given below are the discovery data for
additional small, stellar-appearing comets found on archival SOHO
images.  C/1995 V5, a Kreutz sungrazer, was of mag about 7.5 or
fainter.  C/1999 X3, not a member of any known comet group (T =
1999 Dec. 12.7 TT, q = 0.081, e = 1.0, i = 7.2 deg), was too faint
for photometry.

 Comet       1999 UT      R.A.(2000)Decl.   Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/1999 V5   Nov. 14.379  15 13.6  -19 34   C2     HS   2006-O20
 C/1999 X3   Dec. 12.564  17 22.9  -23 22   C2     HS   2006-L20

                      (C) Copyright 2006 CBAT
2006 August 3                  (8735)            Daniel W. E. Green

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