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IAUC 8851: V390 Nor; 2007cl, 2007cm, 2007cn, 2007co, 2007cp, 2007cq

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                                                  Circular No. 8851
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     D. K. Lynch, R. W. Russell, R. J. Rudy, and T. Prater, The
Aerospace Corporation; and C. E. Woodward, University of Minnesota,
report 0.8- to 5.5-micron spectroscopy of V390 Nor (cf. IAUC 8850)
using the Infrared Telescope Facility's 3-m telescope (+ SpeX) on
June 21 UT.  V390 Nor is confirmed as a classical nova well into
its emission-line phase.  While the spectrum is dominated by low-
excitation lines of H I, C I, N I, O I, and Ca II, He I features
are already evident.  Fe II emission is present but is not strong.
Weak P-Cyg profiles extending to 1800 km/s from line center are
present on the H I, He I, and O I lines and on the very strong Ca
II infrared triplet.  The reddening derived from the strong O I
lines is E(B-V) approximately 1.0, and there is no evidence of dust
in the nova shell.

SUPERNOVAE 2007cl, 2007cm, 2007cn, 2007co, 2007cp, 2007cq
     Six additional apparent supernovae have been found on
unfiltered CCD frames and given designations:  2007cl by T. Puckett
and G. Sostero (cf. IAUC 8843); 2007cm by W. Kloehr (cf. IAUC 8789);
2007cn and 2007cp by W. Li and H. Khandrika (LOSS/KAIT; cf. IAUC
8843); 2007co by J. Nicolas (Vallauris, France); and 2007cq by T.
Orff and J. Newton (cf. IAUC 8794).  Discovery observations:

SN      2007 UT       R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2007cl  May  23.34   17 48 21.19  +54 09 05.2  17.6   3".2 W, 8".2 N
2007cm  May  24.02   12 42 45.18  +55 08 57.1  16.1   21".5 E, 13".5 N
2007cn  May  29.48   22 13 55.79  +13 45 23.9  18.0   2".4 W, 3".9 N
2007co  June  4.98   18 23 03.60  +29 53 49.6  16.6   8" E, 15" S
2007cp  June 13.20   12 42 12.72  -17 24 07.7  17.7   3".8 E, 5".5 N
2007cq  June 21.34   22 14 40.43  + 5 04 48.9  15.8   3".3 W, 5".7 N

Additional information is available on Central Bureau Electronic
Telegrams:  2007cl in NGC 6479, CBETs 972, 974 (type-Ic, discovered
a few days past maximum); 2007cm in NGC 4644, CBETs 973, 974 (young,
type-IIn supernova); 2007cn in UGC 11953, CBET 975; 2007co in MCG
+05-43-16, CBETs 977, 978 (type-Ia, discovered well before maximum);
2007cp in IC 807, CBETs 980, 981 (type-Ia); 2007cq, CBET 983.  Note
that 2007ck (cf. IAUC 8843) was discovered in MCG +05-43-16 only a
couple of weeks before 2007co was found.

                      (C) Copyright 2007 CBAT
2007 June 22                   (8851)            Daniel W. E. Green

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