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IAUC 8984: C/2008 L9-L15, C/2008 M1-M7; C/2008 N1

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                                                  Circular No. 8984
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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COMETS C/2008 L9-L15 AND C/2008 M1-M7 (SOHO)
     Further to IAUC 8983, additional near-sun presumed comets have
been found on SOHO website images -- all Kreutz sungrazers except
for C/2008 L11 and C/2008 L15 (members of the Meyer group).  K.
Battams writes that C/2008 L9 (which was also found by B. Zhou) was
small and stellar in appearance (mag about 7) in C3 images, and
quite diffuse with a short, diffuse tail in C2 images.  C/2008 L10
and C/2008 L15 were stellar in appearance (mag about 7-7.5).
C/2008 L11 was stellar in appearance, reaching mag about 5.5-6 in
C2 images.  C/2008 L12 was quite diffuse (mag about 7.5-8).  C/2008
L13, C/2008 M2, and C/2008 M5 were slightly diffuse (mag about 8).
C/2008 L14 was teardrop-shaped (mag about 3-4) in C3 images, and
showed a diffuse tail about 0.25 deg long in C2 images (the tail
also similarly visible in SECCHI COR2-A images, and as somewhat
fainter and shorter in COR2-B images).  C/2008 M1 was tiny and
stellar in appearance (mag about 8).  C/2008 M3 was slightly
diffuse (mag about 7.5-8).  C/2008 M4 was extremely faint (mag
about 8.5) and very diffuse.  C/2008 M6 was very small, faint (mag
about 8), and somewhat stellar in appearance.  C/2008 M7 (which
was also found by H. Su) was very diffuse (mag about 8).

 Comet        2008 UT       R.A.(2000)Decl.   Inst.  F    MPEC
 C/2008 L9    June 10.971    5 14.2  +20 38   C3/2   MU   2008-O23
 C/2008 L10        11.988    5 18.1  +20 38   C3/2   MU   2008-O24
 C/2008 L11        12.438    5 19.1  +21 16   C2/3   MK   2008-O24
 C/2008 L12        13.314    5 23.1  +21 21   C2     MK   2008-O24
 C/2008 L13        13.454    5 23.8  +21 21   C2     MK   2008-O24
 C/2008 L14        15.138    5 31.4  +18 59   C3/2*  TH   2008-O27
 C/2008 L15        15.746    5 35.3  +24 04   C2     RK   2008-O27
 C/2008 M1         21.660    5 55.8  +21 39   C2     MK   2008-O27
 C/2008 M2         22.463    5 58.7  +21 41   C2     MK   2008-O27
 C/2008 M3         23.811    6 03.9  +21 49   C2     HS   2008-O27
 C/2008 M4         25.285    6 10.1  +21 40   C2     MK   2008-P33
 C/2008 M5         25.935    6 12.3  +21 44   C2     RM   2008-P33
 C/2008 M6         27.826    6 20.0  +21 44   C2     TH   2008-P33
 C/2008 M7         28.826    6 24.3  +21 45   C2     TH   2008-P33

     Corrigendum.  On IAUC 8959, lines 2-3, *for*  0.40-m f/5.8
Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector  *read*  0.61-m f/4 astrograph

                      (C) Copyright 2008 CBAT
2008 September 29              (8984)            Daniel W. E. Green

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