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IAUC 7692: N Sgr 2001 No. 2; 2001dx; 2001du

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                                                  Circular No. 7692
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     Alfredo J. S. Pereira, Cabo da Roca, Portugal, reports his
visual discovery of an apparent nova (mag 7.6) on Aug. 26.866 UT
during a regular patrol with 14x100 binoculars; he did not notice
anything new during scans of the same region to m_v about 7.5-8 on
Aug. 25.95 and to m_v about 8.5 on Aug. 21.9 and 22.96.  Following
a request by the Central Bureau, C. Jacques, Belo Horizonte,
Brazil, sends the following precise position for the new star from
CCD frames taken by G. Nappi on Aug. 27.00 (mag 9.5):  R.A. =
18h24m46s.04, Decl. = -30o00'41".1 (equinox 2000.0).  A. Hale,
Cloudcroft, NM, reports CCD position end figures 46s.06, 40".9,
adding that nothing is visible at this location on the Digitized
Sky Survey image of this field.  P. M. Kilmartin, Mt. John
Observatory, University of Canterbury, reports the following
photoelectric photometry obtained with the 0.6-m f/16 reflector
(reference stars Cousins E745 and E746; uncertainties < 0.01 mag
in all measures; airmass 1.03-1.04):  Aug. 27.339, V = 7.46, U-B =
-0.71, B-V = +0.55, V-R = +0.53, V-I = +0.99; 27.353, 7.51, -0.74,
+0.56, +0.55, +1.01; 27.369, 7.58, -0.75, +0.55, +0.56, +1.04;
27.375, 7.59, -0.76, +0.56, +0.56, +1.04.  Further visual magnitude
estimates (those by Scovil and Griese sent via J. Mattei, AAVSO):
Aug. 26.913, 7.3 (Pereira); 26.930, 7.4 (Pereira); 26.940, 7.4
(Pereira); 26.967, 7.2 (Pereira); 26.996, 7.2: (Pereira); 27.10,
6.4 (C. Scovil, Stamford, CT); 27.10, 6.6 (J. Griese, Rocky Hill,
CT); 27.18, 7.4 (Hale); 27.38, 8.0 (A. Jones, Nelson, New Zealand).
On Aug. 27.10, M. Mattei (Littleton, MA) reports V = 7.29 on a CCD
exposure taken with a 135-mm camera lens.

SUPERNOVA 2001dx IN PGC 63222
     W. D. Li, University of California at Berkeley, reports the
discovery by LOTOSS (cf. IAUC 7514) of an apparent supernova (mag
about 17.2) in unfiltered images taken with the Katzman Automatic
Imaging Telescope (KAIT) on Aug. 26.3 and 27.3 UT.  The new object
is located at R.A. = 19h27m16s.83, Decl. = +65o18'58".8 (equinox
2000.0), which is 5".4 west of the nucleus of PGC 63222.  A KAIT
image taken on Aug. 17.3 showed nothing at this position (limiting
mag about 19.5).

SUPERNOVA 2001du IN NGC 1365
     CCD position by Jacques for SN 2001du (cf. IAUC 7690):  Aug.
26.22 UT, mag 15.5, R.A. = 3h33m29s.11, Decl. = -36o08'32".5
(equinox 2000.0).

                      (C) Copyright 2001 CBAT
2001 August 27                 (7692)            Daniel W. E. Green

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