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IAUC 7720: 2001el; P/2001 R1; P/2001 Q2

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SUPERNOVA 2001el IN NGC 1448
     Liebert A. G. Monard, situated 40 km east of Pretoria, South
Africa, reports his visual discovery of an apparent supernova (mag
14.5) on Sept. 17.064 UT.  Using a 0.32-m reflector, Monard
estimated the new object to be about 9" west and 15" north of the
center of NGC 1448, and he observed SN 2001el again at m_v = 14.3
on Sept. 17.930; nothing was noticed at this location to mag 14.6
on Aug. 25.96.  G. Bock, Edens Landing, Queensland, estimates mag
about 13.2 for SN 2001el from an unfiltered CCD image taken on Sept.
18.61.  A. Wassilieff, Palmerston North, New Zealand, reports the
following position for SN 2001el from an unfiltered CCD image taken
through clouds on Sept. 18.636 (when the new object appeared at mag
13.9) with a 0.38-m reflector:  R.A. = 3h44m30s.60, Decl. =
-44o38'23".4 (equinox 2000.0), which is 14" west and 20" north of
the nucleus of NGC 1448.  J. Biggs provides the following position
end figures for SN 2001el from three unfiltered CCD images obtained
on Sept. 19.62 with the 0.25-m Mike Candy Telescope at Perth
Observatory:  30s.57 +/- 0s.02, 23".7 +/- 0".3 (USNO-A2.0 reference
stars), which is about 22" west and 19" north of the center of NGC
1448; the magnitude of the new star was R = 14.5 +/- 0.5.  SN 1983S
also appeared in NGC 1448 (cf. IAUC 3877).

     The following improved orbital elements (from additional
astrometry published on MPEC 2001-S05, including prediscovery
observations on Aug. 19 by LINEAR) by B. G. Marsden indicate that
this comet will pass only 0.014 AU from Mars on 2002 Jan. 10.7 TT,
as first suggested by C.-I. Lagerkvist (Uppsala) and G. Hahn
(German Aerospace Center, Berlin).

     T = 2002 Feb. 17.5491 TT         Peri. =  24.7215
     e = 0.608441                     Node  =  35.5016  2000.0
     q = 1.360575 AU                  Incl. =   7.0396
       a =  3.474767 AU    n = 0.1521653    P =   6.477 years

     Total-visual-magnitude estimates:  Aug. 22.11 UT, 9.5 (M. V.
Zanotta, Colle Nivolet, Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, Italy,
25x150 binoculars); 28.09, 9.2 (K. Hornoch, Lelekovice, Czech
Republic, 10x80 binoculars); Sept. 5.79, 10.2 (D. A. J. Seargent,
Cowra, N.S.W., 0.25-m reflector).

                      (C) Copyright 2001 CBAT
2001 September 19              (7720)            Daniel W. E. Green

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