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IAUC 8348: COMET P/2004 K2 (McNAUGHT); C/2003 U6, U7, U8, U9; 2004bs, 2004bt, 2004bv

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                                                  Circular No. 8348
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     A comet has been discovered by R. H. McNaught on CCD images
obtained with the 0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring
(discovery observation below).  Following posting on the NEO
Confirmation Page, J. Young reported that CCD images obtained with
the 0.6-m reflector at Table Mountain on May 25.5 UT show an 8"-10"
coma with no apparent central condensation and a straight, narrow
tail 20"-30" long in p.a. 252 deg.  CCD images taken by A. C.
Gilmore and P. M. Kilmartin with the 0.6-m reflector at Mount John
on May 25.7 show a circular 5" coma and no tail.

     2004 UT             R.A. (2000) Decl.       Mag.
     May  20.80223   23 24 13.21   - 1 31 06.4   17.7

The available astrometry, the following preliminary elliptical
orbital elements, and an ephemeris appear on MPEC 2004-K61.

     T = 2004 June 16.171 TT          Peri. = 180.362
     e = 0.64243                      Node  = 151.418   2000.0
     q = 1.59931 AU                   Incl. =   8.156
       a =  4.47273 AU     n = 0.104195     P =   9.46 years

COMETS C/2003 U6, U7, U8, U9 (SOHO)
     Further to IAUC 8341, K. Battams reports measurements for
additional Kreutz sungrazing comets found on SOHO website C2 images
(by X.-m. Zhou, C/2003 U7; X. Leprette, U8; M. Boschat, J. Sachs,
and J. Danaher, U9); C/2003 U9 was also visible on C3 images.
Sachs also found C/2003 U6 on SOHO website images.  The reductions
by R. Kisala and orbital elements by B. G. Marsden appear on MPEC

    Comet         2003 UT          R.A. (2000) Decl.
    C/2003 U7     Oct. 23.064      13 41.4   -12 04
    C/2003 U8          25.788      13 56.1   -13 35
    C/2003 U9          26.654      13 33.6   -15 21

SUPERNOVAE 2004bs, 2004bt, 2004bv
     Further to IAUC 8345, R. J. Foley et al. report the following
unfiltered CCD magnitude estimates from LOSS/KAIT images:  SN
2004bs (IAUC 8341), Mar. 22.27 UT, [19.0; May 10.18, 16.7.  SN
2004bt (cf. IAUC 8341), May 12.38, [18.5.  SN 2004bv (IAUC 8344),
May 16.50, [18.0.

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 May 28                    (8348)            Daniel W. E. Green

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