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IAUC 8520: 2005bv, 2005bw; 2005bf, 2005bq

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                                                  Circular No. 8520
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVAE 2005bv AND 2005bw
     Two apparent supernovae have been found on unfiltered CCD
images.  SN 2005bv was reported by V. Lipunov, A. Krylov, V.
Kornilov, G. Borisov, D. Kuvshinov, A. Belinski, G. Antipov, E.
Gorbovskoy, M. Kuznetsov, S. Potanin, N. Tyurina, and V. Vladimirov,
Sternberg Astronomical Institute (MASTER 0.36-m robotic telescope;
scale 2".1/pixel).  SN 2005bw was reported by T. Puckett and R.
Gagliano (cf. IAUC 8515; 0.60-m automated supernova patrol

SN      2005 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2005bv  Apr. 20.94  14 24 07.44  +26 17 50.3  16.5   11" E, 9" S
2005bw  Apr. 28.25  13 33 29.73  +33 02 27.8  17.0   8".7 E, 4".8 S

Additional approximate magnitudes from the respective discoverers:
SN 2005bv, 2004 May 7.92, [18.7; 2005 Apr. 28.9, 16.6-16.7.
SN 2005bw in UGC 8539, 2002 Apr. 16, [20.0; 2003 Mar. 10, [20.0;
2005 Apr. 29.21, 17.0 (confirming image by T. Crowley, Chiefland,
FL, 0.30-m reflector).  SN 1999cf also appeared in UGC 8539 (cf.
IAUC 7178).

SUPERNOVAE 2005bf AND 2005bq
     G. Folatelli, N. Morrell, M. Hamuy, and C. Contreras, Las
Campanas Observatory, report that an optical spectrum (range
380-920 nm) of SN 2005bq (cf. IAUC 8515), obtained in the course of
the Carnegie Supernova Project on Apr. 19.35 UT with the Las
Campanas 2.5-m du Pont telescope (+ WFCCD spectrograph), reveals it
to be a type-Ic supernova.  The spectrum is similar to that of SN
1983V at 38 days after maximum light, although the Na I 589.3-nm
line is particularly strong in the case of SN 2005bq.
     M. Hamuy, C. Contreras, S. Gonzalez, and W. Krzeminski,
Carnegie Supernova Project, report that the type-Ic SN 2005bf (cf.
IAUC 8507, 8509) is undergoing an unusual photometric behavior,
brightening from u' = 18.69 on Apr. 7 to u' = 17.90 on Apr. 13, and
declining to u' = 18.61 on Apr. 21, after which it has been re-
brightening (reaching u' = 17.92 on Apr. 29).  Similar photometric
behaviors have been observed in the g', r', and i' bands, although
the dip is less pronounced at longer wavelengths.  On Apr. 29, g' =
16.91, r' = 16.71, and i' = 16.76.  The light curves are posted at
Additional photometric and spectroscopic observations are urged.

                      (C) Copyright 2005 CBAT
2005 April 29                  (8520)            Daniel W. E. Green

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