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IAUC 8655: 2005my, 2005mz, 2005na; V838 Mon

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                                                  Circular No. 8655
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SUPERNOVAE 2005my, 2005mz, 2005na
     Three apparent supernova have been found on unfiltered CCD
frames:  2005my by P. Luckas, Perth, W. Australia; O. Trondal, Oslo,
Norway; and M. Schwartz, Patagonia, AZ (0.35-m Tenagra telescope at
Perth; cf. IAUC 8616); and 2005mz and 2005na by J. Newton and T.
Puckett (both with a 0.35-m reflector telescope at Portal, AZ;
2005mz with M. Peoples and 2005na with D. Ceravolo; cf. IAUC 8651).

SN      2005 UT      R.A.  (2000.0)  Decl.    Mag.     Offset
2005my  Dec. 30.55   4 01 53.13  -41 56 08.3  17.8  15".9 E, 23".0 N
2005mz  Dec. 31.25   3 19 49.88  +41 30 18.6  18.2  19".2 E, 23".6 S
2005na  Dec. 31.35   7 01 36.62  +14 07 59.7  16.1  1".6 W, 7".4 S

Additional magnitudes for 2005my in ESO 302-G27:  2005 Oct. 14.75
UT, [18.5 (Luckas); 2006 Jan. 1.53, 17.3.  Additional magnitudes
for 2005mz in NGC 1275:  2005 Dec. 3, [19.8 (Puckett); 2006 Jan.
1.13, 18.0 (Puckett, 0.60-m reflector).  Additional magnitudes for
2005na in UGC 3634:  2005 Nov. 15, [19.7 (Puckett); 2006 Jan. 2.24,
15.6 (Puckett, 0.35-m reflector).  SNe 2005mz and 2005na are type-
Ia supernovae (cf. CBET 351).

     A. Henden, AAVSO; and U. Munari and H. Navasardyan,
Astronomical Observatory, Padova, write:  "Our photometric and
optical spectroscopic monitoring shows V838 Mon to be smoothly
continuing along its slow evolution path.  UBV(RI)_c CCD photometry
obtained on 2005 Dec. 25.33 UT with the U.S. Naval Observatory 1.0-m
telescope at Flagstaff Station gives V = 15.44 (+0.03), U-B = +0.07
(+0.02), B-V = +1.17 (-0.03), V-R_c = +1.96 (-0.18), R_c-I_c =
+2.71 (+0.02), with quantities in parentheses being the difference
compared with values obtained with the same instrumentation one
year ago.  Near-infrared photometry secured with the Flagstaff
Station 1.55-m telescope on Dec. 18.3 gives J = 7.51, H = 6.45, K'
= 5.70, continuing a steady, slow decline that has been in progress
since November 2003.  Spectra (range 420-780 nm; dispersion 0.4 nm)
obtained with the Asiago 1.82-m telescope (+ AFOSC) on various
dates in December 2005 closely resemble those of the last two years,
dominated by extremely strong VO and TiO absorption bands of the
L-type supergiant in the red and the continuum of the B3V companion
in the blue.  This seems to be in contradiction to the dramatic
fading and spectral changes mentioned by Lynch et al. on IAUC 8645."

                      (C) Copyright 2006 CBAT
2006 January 5                 (8655)            Daniel W. E. Green

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