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The NELPAG issues a news Circular irregularly (but not issued since 2000) that can be obtained via e-mail (send subscription requests to or by postal mail (send SASEs, as indicated for the GNOL pamphlet; note that printed NELPAG Circulars sometimes contain additional material currently unavailable via computer). New Englanders, in particular, are encouraged to contribute text for these Circulars that give useful information regarding their efforts to improve outdoor lighting at the state or local level. Readers of the Circulars may find the details of your particular efforts and experiences very useful in their own efforts to get good-lighting practices in their locales. Of course, these Circulars are being distributed nationally and internationally, as this is certainly not a problem unique to New England, and for this reason we often include useful information from sources outside New England in the Circulars.

The main parts of the following NELPAG Circulars are available here [NOTE that the NELPAG e-mail discussion group has changed its address, as noted in Circular 14; "O.L." = outdoor-lighting]:

NOTE: If sending postal mail to Dan Green/NELPAG for anything, do NOT include "NELPAG" anywhere in the address (it may get lost).

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)

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