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IAUC 8399: 2004ee; 2004ef; 2004dj

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                                                  Circular No. 8399
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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SUPERNOVA 2004ee IN ESO 298-G7
     Y.-T. Chen, K. Huang, Z. Lin, H. Lin, and W. Ip, Institute of
Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan; and Y. Qiu and J.
Hu, National Astronomical Observatories of China, report the
discovery of an apparent supernova on unfiltered CCD images taken
with the 1-m Lulin Observatory telescope.  The new object is
located at R.A. = 2h06m14s.62, Decl. = -37o20'05".4 (equinox
2000.0), which is 6".0 east and 8".0 south of the center of ESO
298-G7 = PGC 8025.  Approximate magnitudes for SN 2004ee:  2003 Oct.
30.683 UT, [19.3; 2004 July 31.84, 17.2; Aug. 30.79, 18.1; Sept.
1.834, 18.1.

SUPERNOVA 2004ef IN UGC 12158
     T. Boles (cf. IAUC 8397) and M. Armstrong (cf. IAUC 8397)
independently report their discoveries of an apparent supernova on
unfiltered CCD images.  Boles' measured position for the new object
is R.A. = 22h42m10s.02, Decl. = +19o59'40".4 (equinox 2000.0),
which is approximately 7".2 west and 9".2 south of the center of
UGC 12158.  Approximate magnitudes for SN 2004ef:  2003 Dec. 15 UT,
[19.0 (Armstrong); 2004 July 16, [19.5 (Boles); Aug. 19, [19.5
(Boles); Sept. 4.056, 18.5 (Boles); 4.821, 18.5 (Boles); 5.078,
17.5 (Armstrong); 5.861, 17.5 (Armstrong).  Position end figures
for SN 2004ef by Armstrong are 09s.97, 40".1; he adds that nothing
is visible at this location on Palomar Sky Survey images from 1990
(limiting red mag 20.8) and 1992 (limiting blue mag 22.5).

SUPERNOVA 2004dj IN NGC 2403
     M. K. Argo, T. W. B. Muxlow, R. J. Beswick, and A. Pedlar,
Jodrell Bank Observatory; and J. M. Marcaide, University of
Valencia, report that observations on Aug. 8 with a subset of
MERLIN at 4994 MHz give a position for SN 2004dj of R.A. =
7h37m17s.044, Decl. = +65o35'57".84 (equinox 2000.0) and a flux
density of 1.5 +/- 0.15 mJy.  The observations were phase-
referenced using three calibrators with a resulting positional
accuracy of better than 0".050.  This position is within 0".4 of
the optical position reported by Itagaki on IAUC 8377 and agrees
with the x-ray position reported on IAUC 8390.  However, the MERLIN
position is 1".2 from the VLA position of Stockdale et al. on IAUC
8379, which is possibly affected by inclusion of extended radio
emission (IAUC 8391) that is > 3".8 from the position of Sandage's
object 96.  Continued monitoring of this source is underway.

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 September 5               (8399)            Daniel W. E. Green

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